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# The Free Folk of the Fringe Manifesto

The Free Folk of the Fringe is a community driven anonymous nomad society in the **No Man's Sky** universe.

It originated in the **Ivja Cluster** formerly known as the **Ivjapendy Fringe** and therefore in short known as **The Fringe**. It's open for everyone to join regardless of race, origin or religious belief.

We are a peaceful society with a focus on privacy and consuming **NipNip**.

# Society or Civilisation?

We prefer the term society since civilisations in the No Man's Sky community tend to settle in specific regions. The Fringe People are a nomad society without a capital system, region or galaxy.

# The Emblem

Although religion isn't really a thing in the society, the Fringe People speak very highly of the **Comforting Recoil II**, a mystic (and as of the NEXT era now lost) Multi-tool found during the Pathfinder era in the former capital G-18 Gala. The Freefolk's emblem features the characteristic night crystals of said Multi-tool.

# The Motto

The motto of the Fringe people is “For the Fringe!”

# The Purpose?

Our main purpose is to travel the galaxies in No Man's Sky and to post beautiful screenshots on the terrestrial internet.

# The Census

As an anonymous society we are focusing on privacy and won't track the names of our people.

# How to Join

If you want to join the Free Folk of the Fringe, all you have to do is stand up and repeat the following words to yourself: "I am now an official member of the Fringe!" You may feel a great disturbance in the Force afterwards but that's perfectly normal.