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  Version: 1.0 (Feb, 25th 2007)
  System: Xbox 360 Japanese
  Author: Torsten Hartmann (KGenjuro)
  feedback: insertcoins ( at )
  XBox Live Gamertag: ShinobidoN

  This file is the property of Torsten Hartmann (A.K.A KGenjuro) and is subject
  to all applicable copyright laws. Anyone wanting to post this File on any
  websites or other form of publication must request permission in writing by
  emailing me at the address found at the top of this document.

  2007/06/16: Guide is now complete. Added missing Stuff and fixed a few names,
  now that the US version is released. Also added credits.

  *** REMINDER ***
  I have yet to play the US or PAL version of this game. I only played and
  finished the Japanese version. So all the names in this guide may differ from
  the names in the US or PAL version. They are not even direct translations of
  the Japanese version. Sometimes I even made up the names or rather used the
  names of previous Tenchu installments so people will know what the arts and
  items are about.


    1.1 Atributes
    1.2 Attacks
    1.3 Secret Arts #1
    1.4 Secret Arts #2
    1.5 Skills
  2.0 ITEMS
  3.0 THANKS


  1.1 FIRST PAGE: Atributes
    RED BAR: Vitality
    This is your health bar. The higher the amount the more damage you can take.
    Also, the higher the amount the more items you can take into battle.
    YELLOW BAR: Strength
    This is your strengh. Assing more points to this value to deal more damage
    and to jump further.
    BLUE BAR: Agility
    This is your speed bar. The larger the faster you are.

  1.2 SECOND PAGE: Attacks
    TOP ROW: Basic combo
    Switch between a basic three or four hit combo.
    BOTTOM ROW: Custom combo
    Assign special techniques to custom combos, like (x,D+x), (x,x,D+x) and so
    TECHNIQUES (Shop info: this is also the sequence the items appear in
              first page of the skill shop)
    - Uppercut (send your opponent flying into mid-air)
    - Slash from above (smash your enemy to the ground)
    - Stab (a powerful stab with the sword)
    - Slash from the side (throw your away for a break through)
    - Foot sweeper (throw your enemy to the ground)
    - Small Izuna Otoshi (grab your enemy and jump to break his/her neck)

  1.3 THIRD PAGE / LEFT SIDE: Secret Arts #1
    Sword    = only works with the sword drawn
    No sword = only works with the sword sheated
    [X000]   = the minimum amount of skill value you need to assing to a
               specific color (R=RED, Y=YELLOW, B=BLUE) to use this skill
               (for example: R120 means you need to have at least a value of
               120 on the red bar, the health bar. See -> 1.1 Skill Balance)

    (Shop info: you can find these three items on the first three spots of
    the second page in the skills shop. In this sequence)

    NINJUTSU BLOCK (sword, no sword, B) [R50]
    Press B just before an enemy attack hits you to deflect it
    and to send your enemy off-balance, open for a counter attack.
    VAULT (no sword, B) [Y50]
    Press B just before an enemy attack hits you to jump over your opponent
    to leave him/her irritated for a quick escape.
    KAWARIMI/TELEPORT (sword, B) [B50]
    Press B just before an enemy attack hits you to teleport right behind the

    (Shop info: you can find these three items on the spots 4-6 of the second
    page in the skills shop. In this sequence)

    IAI SLASH (sword, hold and release X) [R150]
    Take your time to charge a powerful slash at your enemy. Deal 15 points of
    damage when you unleash it instantly. Wait for your sword to flash one time
    to deal 25 points or wait for it to flash two times to deal 40 points of
    IZUNA OTOSHI (sword, hold and release X) [Y150]
    Grab your opponent, send him flying into the sky and land on his/her
    neck to break it. Deals 30 points of damage and makes boss fights a piece
    of cake.
    MULTIPLE SLASHES (sword, hold and release X -> X, X, X, X, X...) [B150]
    Up to eleven quick slashes at your targeted enemy. Similiar to Genjuro's
    SanRenSatsu Technique in Samurai Shodown II, III, IV, V, VI. Each blow deals
    5 points of damage. The final blow deals 20 points of damage. The move
    requires a tricky timing.

    (Shop info: you can find these three items on the spots 7-9 of the second
    page in the skills shop. In this sequence)

    ARMOR (sword, RB+LS) [R70]
    Temporally strengthen your defense by using this command.
    POWER (sword, RB+LS) [Y70]
    Temporally power up your attacks by using this command.
    CHEETA SPRINT (sword, no sword, RB+LS) [B70]
    Use this technique to sprint over a short period of time.


    (Shop info: you can find these three items on the spots 10-12 of the
    second page in the skills shop. In this sequence)
    SUSHI RICE CREATION (no sword, RB+B) [R100]
    The ultimate technique for professional ninjas not
    wearing any items at all. Just take some seconds in a dark corner to
    create your own tasty sushi rice from scratch. Fully powered up you
    are able to create five pieces recovering 30 health points each.  
    IMMITATE VOICE (sword, no sword, RB+B) [Y30]
    Immitate voices of guards and innocents to distract them. Remember, you
    are not able to calm down any turmoil with this move.
    INNER EAR (sword, no sword, RB+B) [B30]
    Place your ear on the ground to listen to the slightes vibrations and
    to make moving guards visible on your map.

  1.4 THIRD PAGE / RIGHT SIDE: Secret Arts #2

    Here you can assign three additional arts out of five of the following:

    (Shop info: you can find these five items on the last five spots of the
    second page in the skills shop. In this sequence)

    RECOVER (B) [R30]
    Tap the B-button when you got knocked down before you hit the ground for
    quick recovering.
    WALL RUN/JUMP (sword, no sword, RB on wall) [R80]
    Jump at a wall and hold down RB to run on it for a short distance. You
    can also jump off at opposite walls to climb them without the grapple
    NINJA VISION (sword, no sword, LB+RS) [Y30]
    Zoom in your targets with this powerful technique. Use it together with
    the 'Shuriken Instant Kill' enhancement to kill enemies from a safe
    CLING TO CEILING (sword, no sword, hold RB) [B100]
    Use your grapple hook on a ceiling and hold down RB to stick to it. You
    can even move for a limited time and stealth kill from above. Fully
    powered up this is one of the nicest moves in the game, since you can
    stay on the ceiling for a very long time.
    CONCEAL (no sword, hold B, while sticked to wall) [B120]
    Stick to a wall by pressing the right analog stick and hold down the B
    button to hide behind a cammouflage cloak. Fully powered up, you can hide
    your whole body behind it.

  1.5 FOURTH PAGE: Skills

    Here you can find some of the enhancements you can assign. You are able to
    assign four of them at a time.

    (Shop info: you can find these nine items on the third page of the secret
    arts shop. In this sequence)
    JUMP [R120]
    Increases your ability to avoid an enemy attack when jumping or
    ENERGY [R50]
    Reduces the damage taken from enemy attacks. Increases chances of survival.
    VENOM [R30]
    Poison attacks no longer affect you, taking the advantage of poison away
    from your foes.
    BLADE [Y50]
    Slightly increases attack power of blade attacks and Secret Arts. Does not
    affect item attack power.
    BOOM [Y100]
    Widens attack area of explosive items.
    Hit an enemy with in the back of his/her head with a shuriken to instantly
    kill him/her. Use it combined with the Ninja Vision to do long range stealth
    LURK [B100]
    Conceal your presence, making it harder for enemies to see you, and
    improving your concealment abilities.

    FEET [B120]
    Reduces sound of footsteps while running, reducing the chance of the enemy
    detecting you.
    Very useful. If you have assigned this enhancement, you being able to see
    the life meter of a targeted opponent.

  Aim    = hold Y to aim before using the item
  No Aim = Your ninja will throw the item in front of him. It's still possible
           to target nearby enemy to throw it into his/her direction.
  Ground = Item will be placed on the ground of your current position.

  FIRST ROW / LEFT SIDE: Long range weapons
    SHURIKEN (Aim)
    The top long range weapon of a ninja. Long straight flight and deadly if you
    have the 'Shuriken Instant Death' enhancement adssigned.
    Throw multiple knifes to hit multiple enemies in front of you. Similiar to
    Rin's Golden Wasps technique in Blade of the Immortal.
    BLOWGUN (Aim)
    Instantkill any enemy from the distant, while they are unaware. Curious
    guards can only be poisoned.
    Hit your enemie with a flaming arrow that will explode on the impact. Deals
    great damage.
    BOMB (No Aim)
    Throw a bomb at an enemy to deal heavy damage. It will explode on the
    impact. However, if you miss, it will detonate after a few seconds.
    Stick a bomb to an enemy and detonate it remotely by pressing the left
    analog stick (LS).
    MINE (Ground)
    Place a mine on the ground that detonates on enemy contact.
    EXPLOSIVE BOX (Ground)
    Pretty much the same as the mine, the way I see it.
  SECOND ROW / LEFT SIDE: Distraction
    SMOKE BOMB (No Aim)
    Blind your enemies using this smokebomb. Good for manual corner stealth
    kills or a nice and quick escape. Use it to prevent enemies from moving to
    make them an easy target for bombs and stuff in boss fights.
    Blind multiple enemies using this little item. Good for escaping trouble.
    WASPS (No Aim)
    Roll this ball near an enemy to release some angry wasps. This will hurt and
    distract the guards.
    STINK BOMB (No Aim)
    Distract enemies with an ugly smell.
  SECOND ROW / RIGHT SIDE: Secret scrolls
    FIRE SPELL (-)
    Burn multiple enemies using the dragon breath.
    COPY SPELL (-)
    Use this item near a dead enemy to copy his/her looks for a limited time.
    You can't use your weapon while you are disguised, but it's possible to use
    the grapple hook.
    Turn yourself invisible for a limited time. It's possible to stealth kill
    guards during this state.
    Paralyze an unaware enemy from behind to stealth kill other enemies nearby.
    Good for tricky guard setups.
  THIRD ROW / LEFT SIDE: More distraction and tools
    CALTROPS (Ground)
    Throw them behind yourself to slwodown pursuers. Ugly.
    The ultimate ninja weapon. Lure unaware guards into dark corners for a
    smooth stealth kill or simply distract them to have a clean passway.
    Remember to strike before the enemy takes a bite. This way you can use it
    multiple times during a mission. Riceballs don't kill healthy enemies, they
    just deal a little damage poisoning them.
    Use a combination of sand and pepper to temporally blind your enemy during
    close combat.
    FIREWORKS (Ground)
    Distract multiple enemies with beautiful fireworks on the night sky.
    While they look all up into the sky it's stealth kill time.
    COLOURED RICE (Ground)
    Mark your current position on the map. Whatever for ;)
    Used to immitate animal voices in case of a turmoil. Blame it on the cat
    or the dog ;)
    HAND CLAWS (-)
    Jump on a wall and cling to it by holding down RB. Funny, but the
    'cling to ceiling' skill is much more useful.
    DARK BLADE (steady effect)
    By taking this useful item with you, your swords blade is darkened over
    fire to prevent it from reflecting light. This way you are able to hide
    in a bush with drawn sword and still being completely invisible.
    In addition the sword can be drawn silently even near enemies.
    Restores 100 healthpoints. Pack a few when fighting one of the three bosses
    in the game.
    ANTIDOT (-)
    Recover from any poison in an instant. Pack a few if you expect open combat
    with ninjas.
    PERFUME (-)
    Good for those secret ninja dating missions, later in the game... just
    kidding. Use it to recover your human scent after falling into dirt pits or
    when you stayed near dead bodies to long.
  FOURTH ROW /RIGHT SIDE: Additional tools and traps
    BEAR TRAP (Ground)
    Use it to trap enemies for a limited time. Trapped enemies are an easy
    target for bombs or flaming arrows. Helps during boss fights. 
    Knock out a guard or innocent and use this item while facing him/her to put
    him/her to sleep for the rest of the mission time. Useful for planing a
    mass multiple stealthkill.
    NINJA DOG (No Aim)
    Summon Semimaru the cute Azuma clan dog. He will bite your enemies or hold
    them up for you to attack.

    I like to thank the following persons/forums for helping out in the making
    of this guide:

    - Tenchu Checkpoint Community (
    - LukeStrife5 (gamefaqs message board)
    - THAguyINgta3 (gamefaqs message board)
    - Draghun57 (gamefaqs message board)
    Thank you very much!

(c) 2007 Torsten Hartmann,

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